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Brompton World Challenge


The Challenges

During the ride, we asked participants to complete 5 photo challenges: Beautiful Scenery, Highest Point Climbed, A Good Deed, Best Dressed and the Fastest Fold.

Beautiful Scenery

We had the joy of looking through your pictures all around the world, snapshots of Bromptons set against outstanding scenery. Here are a few that truly took our breath away.

Brompton World Challenge, beautiful scenery challenge

Highest Peak

This challenge was to ride your Brompton to the highest point you could and take a picture. It wasn't about the elevation with this one - it was all for that amazing picture. We were super impressed by the efforts made for this challenge!

Brompton World Challenge

Good Deed

We all need a good pick-me-up, so one of our challenges was to do a good deed on your ride – anything from dropping some flowers to a loved one to donating to charity.

Brompton World Challenge,

Fastest Fold

An impressive 4.39 second fold – congratulations to Ivo for his impressive fast fold!

fastest fold, Brompton World Challenge

The Grand Prize

The grand prize of winning a Brompton bike each goes to Isabelle from London and Daniel from Chicago. Congrats to the both of you and we hope you enjoy your new Bromptons!